Search Engine Optimization

The implementation of OnPath’s proven search engine optimization strategies can significantly boost traffic to your site.

We do this by identifying highly searched keywords and incorporating them into your site for search engine optimization. This is in addition to conducting high-impact, off-site SEO campaigns to bolster on-site efforts. OnPath’s digital marketing team utilizes several tools to optimize your online presence with short, medium and long tail searches so those looking for your business’ products, services, and website can find you on Google Search.


We take a data-driven approach to developing your SEO strategy. This involves accelerating your online sales funnel, from identifying the strongest ads for PPC to optimizing landing pages for conversion.


Every project begins with keyword research and an in-depth analysis of your current website. This allows us to identify opportunities for optimization as well as long-term opportunities to solidify your rank on Google Search. We assess the keywords used in your title, subheadings and primary pages as well as your content generation. Your opportunities to jump ahead in Google Search will ultimately be determined by a SWOT analysis of your site in comparison to your competitors.


Our first goal is to fully search engine optimize your site before bolstering its rank. Using keyword research and best practices, we provide search engine optimization tips and suggestions on the best title headers, meta descriptions, page titles, URL structure, on-page content, cross-linking opportunities, multimedia optimization and more. Depending on the competitiveness of your target keywords, we can not only optimize your page for conversion, but also convert it into reference page for industry information.


Our off-site SEO strategy involves the development of high quality content to be used for outreach. This puts your business in the best position to be featured on top industry and location-targeted websites. Creative link building and content creation are key aspects of our SEO efforts to drive traffic to your site. These contextual links ensure steady ascent on Google Search as well as ensure a long-term high rank.


We track the performance of our SEO implementation on a continuous basis and keep you in the loop on our efforts with regular calls. We will also send you monthly reports outlining in detail the improvements your brand’s site is seeing in terms of online visibility, traffic and leads.

We want to see your business succeed and will adjust our SEO efforts accordingly to drive optimal brand visibility and increase revenue. With OnPath, you can be rest assured our SEO services are exceptional and thorough in producing quality results that will allow you to compete with your online competition.