Do you need a quick boost in qualified sales leads? Do you need better sales leads from your current marketing mix? Our B2B call center programs are perfect for marketers who need a quick boost in sales leads horse power to generate a higher volume of qualified sales leads. We can help you reach more people faster and build a sustainable pipeline.

You will get better and faster results from our sales leads programs. But don’t take our word for it. View some of our testimonials and download a brochure.

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We have a revenue focused culture and can make thousands of outbound calls quickly. We also nurture prospects throughout long sales cycles, respond to inbound calls and follow up on events, downloads or landing page form submissions.

Our sales leads agents work in our call center facility located in Ottawa Canada. They’re highly educated, bilingual and have neutral accents. Best of all, they’re trained to engage in high quality sales leads business conversations with influencers and decision makers who purchase complex products and services.

We will provide you with strong brand support, escalation management and amazing sales leads results, fast. Let us help you turn thousands of prospects into hundreds of leads.

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