Lead Generation

We are lead generation experts and our mission is to help you reach more prospects and build a sustainable pipeline, faster. Our call center-based lead generation programs are perfect for marketers who need a quick boost in customer acquisition and meet sales quotas. No matter your industry, OnPath’s call center agents can provide your business with the leads you need to maximize ROI on any campaign.


We have a revenue-focused culture and can quickly make thousands of outbound calls. We also nurture prospects throughout long sales cycles, respond to inbound calls, and follow up on events, downloads or form submissions on the landing page. As part of our extensive services, we can also provide search engine optimization for your landing pages to increase your campaign’s online visibility as well as offer a pay-for-performance model for SEM.


Our call center agents are highly educated and trained to engage in high quality lead generation business conversations with influencers and decision makers. In fact, many of our agents are bilingual and can conduct sophisticated business conversations in English, French, and Spanish. Our agents are also experts in dealing with clients who purchase complex products and services. Each agent delivers a script, which is finalized by working together with you, that is then always delivered accurately, clearly and in a neutral accent.


We provide your company with strong brand support, escalation management and amazing lead generation results – fast. Our call centers facilities are of the highest quality, delivering exceptional customer service and in turn, promoting brand advocacy. Let OnPath be your advantage in turning thousands of prospects into hundreds of leads.

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