Events are important for business. They broadcast your company’s image while simultaneously engaging and offering potential clients value information. Unfortunately, only about 50 percent of registrants actually attend an event. That’s where OnPath can lend a hand. What you need is an integrated lead generation approach that can seamlessly recruit more qualified attendees. The professionals at OnPath are experts at doing exactly that.

By adding telemarketing to your event recruitment strategy, you can significantly improve your attendees-to-qualified-prospects ratio. Our call center event recruitment service will give your events the boost they need to achieve up to a 98 percent turnout.

Decision makers are crucial for your brand. That’s why OnPath’s contact centers use a closely targeted approach to find the attendees who will benefit from attending your event. OnPath’s event recruitment services allow your business to focus on creating the best event possible, while we take care of finding the right people to it amongst the audience.

Trusted by Leading Brands 

By utilizing our call center for event recruitment, countless renowned brands across North America, like IBM Cognos, have been able to forge connections with influential decision makers, who have the final say when it comes to acquiring your products and services. When you choose OnPath for event recruitment, expect to see measurable results and a successful event.

Reach and Qualify Prospects

We can make thousands of outbound calls quickly to help you register and qualify prospects. We also screen for “tire kickers” and coordinate phone calls around different promotional activities. This allows us to create and put into action an effective strategy that reaches the highest amount of qualified prospects.

OnPath’s event marketing services:

  • Increase event attendance
  • Increase event registrations
  • Streamline the event management process
  • Decrease cost-to-qualified-attendee ratio

Put on your next event with the assurance that your message will make an impact. Call OnPath today to get the right people at your events.

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