Effective marketing starts with the alignment of the purchase journey. This includes relevant content and marketing messages that compel influencers and decision makers to invest in your product or services.

At OnPath, we understand that successful campaigns start with this alignment. Whether you are introducing a product to a new market, upgrading or extending your product line, or finding cross-selling opportunities for your customer base, we have the expertise identify your target audience and drive them into the lead funnel. We then nurture the lead every step of the way to conversion.

What is the secret behind our success? How do we compel consumers to convert? It’s simple; we follow the Rule of Seven, which states that it takes someone up to seven times to act on an offer to download a white paper, watch a video or call back a toll-free number. That’s why we succeed every time.

Engagement for Lead Generation

In the lead generation space, users, influencers, champions and decision makers need to be engaged every step of the way. OnPath determines the right channels and tactics to drive demand for your products and services. However, not every buyer is going to answer your call or click on your offer. That’s why we take a proactive, data-driven approach to determine alternative routes to a decision maker.

State-of-the-Art Call Centers

Our team of more than 600 call center agents are capable of making thousands of calls for B2B and B2C outbound marketing and use a script that is optimized so that your brand message is always delivered at the standard you expect. Our agents also utilize voice assistant solution (VAS) technology, which doubles the call capacity for each agent, without compromising quality.

The Digital Marketing Experts

Our team of digital marketing professionals can bring thousands of leads for your sales team through the implementation of all-encompassing SEO, Pay for Performance and content generation. Our strategies have been proven to significantly boost conversion.

At OnPath, we challenge you and your management team to think big.

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